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Weave a dense safety net to strengthen the fire line

"Are the fire passages unobstructed? Are the fire-fighting equipment damaged?" Recently, at Huzhou Beiheng Textile Co., Ltd., district union volunteers asked carefully to investigate hidden fire hazards and escort the safety of employees.

It is reported that this June is the 19th "Safe Production Month" in the country. The District Federation of Trade Unions closely focused on the theme of "eliminating hidden safety hazards and strengthening safety lines of defense" and organized a series of safety activities based on the actual situation of our district to help safe production in the whole district. . Volunteer service teams go deep into the company to carry out safety inspections and rectifications, focusing on checking whether there are fire-fighting hazards such as damage to fire-fighting equipment, shutdown or blockage of evacuation passages, etc., and record the hidden safety hazards found on the spot one by one, and help rectify them on the spot.

A few days ago, the District Federation of Trade Unions organized 7 skills training activities for team leaders with the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and strengthening safety lines of defense". At the event site, Shen Zongyang, a provincial comprehensive enterprise safety standardization reviewer, combined actual cases to teach safety management knowledge, improve the awareness and ability of accident prevention, and reduce or eliminate the occurrence of accidents.

"There are some safety details in my usual work that I didn't pay attention to. After listening to the training of safety experts, I became more aware of the importance of safe production. I will pay more attention to safety in future work to prevent accidents." Wu Yuqin, an employee of Huzhou Dahai Machinery Co., Ltd., said after the training.

"We have also carried out a series of online and offline activities such as'Safety Experts' Contest','Fire Safety Drills', and'Safety Hidden Dangers' and other online and offline activities. Production hazards and occupational disease hazards, and put forward reasonable suggestions." The relevant person in charge of the District Federation of Trade Unions told reporters.

Through this publicity activity, the safety production policy and relevant laws and regulations were publicized deeply among the employees, which not only advocated the concept of safety culture, but also popularized legal knowledge, and improved the safety awareness and legal awareness of the majority of employees.