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Ribbon technology classification

There are mainly two types of woven belts and knitted belts. The webbing, especially the jacquard webbing, is similar to the cloth label process, but the cloth label warp yarn is fixed and the pattern is expressed by the weft yarn; while the basic weft yarn of the webbing is fixed, and the warp yarn expresses the pattern. It uses a small machine. It may take a long time to thread the yarn and adjust the machine, and the efficiency is relatively low. But it can produce a wide range of dazzling products, not always those faces like cloth labels. The main function of webbing is decorative, and some are functional. Such as popular mobile phone straps. After the ribbon is woven, you can also silk-print various text patterns. Generally, it is cheaper to knit the text patterns directly.

As long as the woven belts are divided into two categories: non-shuttle woven belts and shuttle woven belts. At present, the use of shuttleless webbing is more common than shuttle webbing.